Wk1-Art Experience-Landscape with a Corpse

This is my depiction of the assignment “Landscape with a Corpse.” In this depiction, I am creating a self portrait of my death. My cause of death is being attacked in my bedroom by my husband (I am not actually married and my real partner would never abuse me, this is for the purpose of the project only.) I chose to represent the brutality of the attack by using stage blood and makeup to portray three bloody gashes across my face. I chose to represent the upturned marriage with a ring on my left hand finger and an opened locket with photos of me and my partner within. The first photo was taken from within the closet, as if the murderer is hiding and looking out at what he has done. My final clue to viewers of the situation in which I was killed is the attire and location. I am wearing a silk robe in my bedroom, telling the viewer that I was killed while exiting or entering the shower, or in other words at a time when I was very vulnerable to my attacker. Though this is not how I actually imagine myself dying, I find the thought of it to be interesting and I wanted to explore what it would be like if this were to be how I pass. Overall I enjoyed the process of creating this story and scene while working with my roommate as the photographer.

Landscape of a Corpse-2Landscape of a Corpse-3Landscape of a Corpse


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