Wk3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

I found this art experience to be fun and light-hearted. I often find myself doodling myself and my friends into funny situations in Snapchat and I’m glad this can apply as a class assignment. I like creating new situations and bringing fantasy to real life on Snapchat. I especially enjoy making my friends laugh with the situations and imagery I create on the app.

The student images I chose were from the Snapchat stories of Anthony Estalilla and Enrique Plascencia. I chose these images because they made me laugh and added a bit of fun to the Artist Experience on Thursday afternoon.

I created an image of a a person falling into a trashcan for one of my Snapchat illustrations because the deep, black depths of the bag seemed perfect for such a dramatic cartoon. I kept the drama to a low by using brighter colors and shorthand text in the dialogue between my two imaginary characters.

For the second Snapchat drawing, I saw a blue table cloth near the galleries rippling in the wind. The rippling reminded me of ocean waves, so I drew a picture of a surfer riding the waves along with some added waves and sea foam. I added the title Surfin’ to the bottom of the image as a way to fill up space and make it clear what the image was depicting.

Overall, this was a fun experience and I’m glad to have seen other student’s creativity expressed through Snapchat.


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