Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

I was unable to go to Venice Beach and write on the Art Walls, though I was looking forward to doing so. Instead of doing that, I purchased a bright red and olive green spray paint and a large white foam board to complete the project.

Before beginning the process, I watched the videos on the beacharts post and decided what style and process I wanted to use. Then I sketched out two version of bubble letters for my graffiti. I preferred all capital letters, so I decided to go with my second design.

After finalizing my design, I took four small trash bags and lined them on and below the wall I would be propping my board against with blue tape, as not to make a mess. After I was set up, I leaned the board up against the wall and started painting.

I used red for the outside and green for the fill color. I started by sketching my name with the fill color. I then filled in the letters with the same color. After allowing a bit of drying time, I added the outlining and drop shadow on with the red spray paint. When the red paint had semi-dried, I traced around the silhouette of the word with the green. As a final touch I added the year in red and my initials (which turned out not looking like my initials) in both red and green.

I like the result, other than the fact there was too much bleeding between the colors. I do like the look of the dripping paint at the lower edges of the word, though. It feels more tangible to me as an art piece that way.

Overall, this experience was fun and interesting, as I have never tagged anything before.IMG_2226IMG_2219


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