Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, Coiffure

With this art experience, I want to take a boring t-shirt and create something new to wear to explore the couture section of this experience. In order to do this, I picked a t-shirt I no longer wear that I wanted to rework, then I went to work looking for a tutorial online to transform the article of clothing. After looking for a while, I settled on this tutorial consisting of five different t-shirt transformation options and chose to execute the third option in the tutorial.

After watching the tutorial carefully, I completed the steps that were explained within the video on my shirt. Though it turned out looking a bit different, I still like the way that the shirt fits and looks on me. The new style will be great for wearing over a bikini to the beach or the pool in the summer.

The reason there was a difference between between my shirt and the one in the tutorial is because the cut of the t-shirt was a bit different, so the tank top straps I cut turned out very skinny and the back cutout turned out a lot larger than that depicted in the video. Even so, I still plan to wear the shirt this summer if it lasts through the washing machine.

Overall, this experience was fun. I love trying new DIY tutorials when I can and this was a good opportunity to do that. I hope to do a lot more clothing DIYs in the future!


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