Wk 6 – Art Experience – PhotoWalk

My experience during the walk was interesting. As one of the art walk guides, I was a bit nervous to get things going, but after realizing that I was just walking around with people my age all out to get the same thing done, I felt a lot more comfortable. I chose to guide my group through the fun/recreational side of campus life.

First I took the students to the outdoor shopping area in front of the University Book Store, then food court area in the USU, the bottom floor of the USU (bowling alley, billiards, Jenga, TV, etc.), and finally the H2O fountain in front of Brotman Hall.

These places reflect the fun that is possible to have on campus and the colorful, adventurous side of the student body. I feel that the people who came with me on the PhotoWalk are interested in having fun and relaxing amidst the stresses of college and I admire that in my peers.

Regarding my photos, I wanted to not only capture the essence of the locations I walked to, but to capture them in a way that showed off each element of these places. For example, in the shopping area, I took a typical sidelong photo of the vehicle (one similar to what would be seen in a car commercial), but in the photo of the sunglasses, I captured them vertically and on the entire screen to make the vivid colors appear as if they were the subject of a pop art painting. Another good example would be the overhead view of the Jenga tower; I wanted the feeling of the photo to feel as if the viewer was flying about the tower in a big city- expressing the fun and freedom of flight that relates to the fun and freedom of relaxing in these recreational areas.

In regards to my work as a guide, I feel I did a good job. Maybe I wasn’t great, but I think I get things done and allowed enough time for people to capture the photos they needed. I could have improved in telling people more about how each setting related to my overall walk theme, but I feel the students in the group just wanted to get things done and over with and therefore didn’t pay attention when I started to talk. At that point, I just directed them from site to site and allotted time for photos, and finished up the tour. Other than that, I feel I did a nice job as a tour guide for the PhotoWalk and I am glad I was chosen as one of the guides in the end.


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