Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This art experience made me nervous at first because I knew I had to work with a group, but during the Tuesday (March 1) group discussion, my group decided to work together to create a video.

After sharing a google doc and exchanging phone numbers with the entire team, we kept in contact in order to arrange a time and date to get together to film, what the content of the video was to be, and who was going to do what for the video. Once we figured it out, we decided to film a Doritos commercial with Brandon Nhem as the cameraman and editor and the rest of the group as actors.


  • Christian Aguirre: Hungry Guy
  • Crysta Tim: Hungry Guy’s Girlfriend
  • Morgan Moore: Doritos Guy
  • Ngozi Ekwedike: Dorito Guy’s Girlfriend

We decided to film on Thursday, March 3rd after getting the information we needed for the Artist Conversation. We filmed at the grass area between FA2 and FA1. The props we needed were: two chairs, a stool (functioning as a table), book, cell phone, laptop, and (of course) a bag of Doritos.

The video was filmed with a phone camera and Brandon used cuts to make the film more interesting. The plot, as you will see or have seen, is quite funny and the team came together in order to approve of the idea once Brandon posed it. The filming process was quick, easy, and most importantly, fun.

I had a great experience with this project and I’m glad it was better than what I was expecting when I read it was a group project. My teammates were responsible and got things together to get the project done in time and I am proud of them and their contributions to the video.


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