Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This art experience was very interesting, to say the least. In order to get things set up, my friend Alaina and I got together in her dorm room and cast a dim light with two tea candles, then set the mood with a Pandora station called “nature sounds with music.” After getting set up, we sat cross-legged together on the floor and set the board with the newsprint on our knees.

It took a minute or so to get the giggles out, but after that we started drawing. While we were drawing we talked about what is going on in our lives right now. Alaina was my roommate and moved rooms to a different dorm because of someone other than me, and we had a good chance to catch up about that during this process. It was a very intimate experience with her, but we are very close so it wasn’t awkward. We used multiple colors of Copic sketch markers and a ballpoint pen. We also wrote in words. After we were done (about 15 mins duration), we each signed the piece on opposite sides of the page.

The result of the drawing was very chaotic at first, but on a closer look, there is a lot of consistency between the marks made on the page. There are a lot of similar markings in the different colors. There are parts of the piece that are more jumbled and darker, signaling the parts of our conversation that may have been more serious or sad. I feel our emotions and the tone of the conversation as it went is captured well in this image.

Overall, the experience was worth the initial uneasiness. I feel this is a good technique for  building or restoring closeness and intimacy between two individuals.


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