Wk 8 – Student Conversation -Xiomara Brenes

Xiomara is a second year Nutrition major from Bellflower. She wants to attend dental school after getting her degree in nutrition. Xiomara is taking this course as a GE requirement; she enjoys the class because of the “chill” environment and the fact that there are no tests. Her hobbies consist of traveling, exploring the mountains, and using/experimenting with makeup. A fun fact about Xiomara is that she has a shy, three year old pet parrot. Her favorite type of art is anything that is clearly handmade; she romanticizes the idea of creating something out of nothing. Although she does not consider herself an artist, she does know how to appreciate art as an observer. Overall, my first impressions of Xiomara are positive; she seems to be an interesting and fun individual.

P.S. I forgot to snap a photo with her before she walked away, so I do not have a photo to put with this post. My apologies!


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