Keva Murphy

The Beautiful Sea Warrior

My name is Keva Murphy. I am frozen in a nineteen year old form and I have the weight of the world upon my shoulders. When I was truly nineteen, I thought prophesies were the product of mental illness or crazed dreams, but I have learned since then that prophesies are complex riddles depicting the honest truth.

I am the product of a prophesy. Sure, I was physically conceived by my mother and father, whom I’ve never met, but my entire being and soul are the product of an age old prophesy.

She who is descendent of blue and red;
Who shall wield the one weapon of all;
And be the Mother of the Sacred land;
Shall be called the Beautiful Sea Warrior.

Born from a merman of the blue-blood klan and of an Irish woman, I am the descendent of blue and red. I have had a small weapon with me since I was dropped off at birth. Many a man, woman, and child have been tasked to take this object from me; none have succeeded and most have died in the attempt. This weapon can morph from it’s original swirling branch form into any weapon I can visualize. I have archaic knowledge on how to use every weapon that has ever existed.

Though I’ve had opportunities to take the world as my own and enslave every being that walks upon Moonbase Alpha, I have chosen another path: the right path. I am the Mother. I guard the innocent people of my land and seek the good in those who are not. Only in times of dire danger am I what I was named: Keva Murphy, otherwise translated to the Beautiful Sea Warrior.

Right now is one of these times. I have guarded Moonbase Alpha, in the distant past known as PHSYEarth (A planet reformed to foster human life), from within the depths of the sea since I came to believe the prophesy and fulfill my duty as the Mother. In all of my millennia on this land, through all of its changes and transformations, I have never known an evil force as great as the one to be coming upon the world.

Although I will do anything for the people of the Sacred land, I alone am not strong enough to protect this planet against the ancient forces I feel coming. Because of this, I have searched far and wide across the planet and called upon the Warriors Three.

When the Beautiful Sea Warrior faces destruction;
She shall call upon the Warriors Three;
One of purity, one of magic, and one of ice;
These Three will change the fates;
Combined, they shall save or destroy the Sacred land.

As the prophesy states, our combined powers have the potential to save or destroy the Moonbase Alpha.

To discover origins of the Warriors Three, visit….

  1. Link: Sneeu
    1. The warrior of ice: Sneeu’s love for snowboarding and heritage from the white planet has fostered his knowledge and power over ice, which he has yet to discover or use.
  2. Link: Aurora
    1. The warrior of magic: Aurora’s pink amulet is full of magic untold which she guards and uses carefully against her enemies.
  3. Link: Riley Smith
    1. The warrior of purity: Riley Smith’s father perished in a plane crash, but she uses his passing as the definition of honor to continue in his footsteps. She has a pure heart and her main goal is to protect her fellow citizens.

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