Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: metals (copper/silver)
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: no website
Instagram: no Instagram (only has a personal account)

About the Artist:
Sean Joy Cabanig is in her fifth and final year in the BFA Metals program at CSULB. Cabanig grew up in Los Angeles and has been living in Long Beach for the past five years; the first two years in Long Beach were spent living in the CSULB dormitories. Cabanig loves cats, reading, cooking, and eating out. When she isn’t in the studio experimenting with new ideas and materials, she is spending time with her boyfriend playing video games. Cabanig has two older brothers, one being thirty-one and the other being twenty-nine, whereas Cabanig is only a mere twenty-three. Cabanig likes to keep active in her mind and body by trying new things, especially in the studio. If she is not creating metal works, she can be seen making smaller pieces (such as paintings and cards) for friends and family. Cabanig was not always a Metals major, prior to that, she was a studio art major, and upon entrance to CSULB, she was a creative writing- poetry major. Though it took a few tries for her to find what she was mean to do, Cabanig seems very secure and happy with her decision in becoming a Metals BFA.

Content Analysis:
Cabanig’s show All Work All Play is a journal of her emotions and daily life. Though her work is emotionally heavy, many of her pieces are injected with her humor as well. Cabanig’s work is not based off of one set idea; she likes to explore not only with different materials, but with different ideas and content in her art as well. She is inspired by everything, but finds the most inspiration in her emotional being and environment. The finger brace is her favorite piece in the collection, and the least noticed piece, in Cabanig’s opinion, is the constellation piece on the ceiling of the gallery.

Formal Analysis:
Cabanig’s process begins with concept sketch, then a discussion with her professor(s.) Each of the pieces displayed in the show fits into a set of requirements for each of her projects. Once the professor has approved of the proposal, Cabanig goes on to make a paper model of her idea to learn the practical construction of the piece. After that is completed to a fitting idea, then a proper model can be created. If she wanted to, she could skip the proper model and do a wax working of the piece. If she did not want to do anything after the paper model in order to prepare, she could go right ahead to creating the final piece with the desired metals and other materials. Cabanig encourages people to include outside and experimental materials in their work; she has worked with metals along with wood and feathers. Her work varies from metal smithing to jewelry, but every piece is unique and jam-packed with emotional content that draws the viewer in to discover more about Cabanig her work.

My Experience:
I find Cabanig’s show to be intricate and detailed. I feel that her work emits emotion and class. The emotional aspect is born of the content of the pieces, such as the collar with the balls and chains. The class is born of the craftsmanship and materials. Copper and Silver are two very elegant colors and the craftsmanship is very clean. All of these elements make All Work All Play a very pleasing show. I feel I can see a bit into Cabanig’s soul through this body of work. I am glad to see that she put so much of herself into her assignments, not limiting herself to only infusing pieces of herself in extracurricular works. Overall, I like the show and would love to see more of Cabanig’s work.


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