Wk 10 – Student Conversation – Katherine Shinno

Katherine is a first year Communications major from South Pasadena interested in working for Disney in merchandising or marketing. Katherine is taking this course because art interests her and she heard there are a lot of fun projects to do in this class from her friends. Her hobbies consist of watching Netflix, listening to music, going hiking, and exploring the world around her to find new fun things to do. Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite colors are maroon and mint. Although Katherine doesn’t have any pets, she always wanted a dog. If she could travel anywhere, she would go to Japan to get more in touch with her Japanese heritage. Her favorite flower is a sunflower because of its overall happy feeling and bright color. She enjoys listening to EDM and alternative music over other genres. Her favorite movie that fits into any mood she’s in is The Breakfast Club. If she could be any mythical creature, she’d be a dragon. Her favorite animal is an elephant because of their cute look and sweet nature, but if she could be any animal she would be an otter because she loves the water and she identifies with the bubbly, sweet attitude of an otter. Overall, I feel that Katherine is a very open and friendly person. I was comfortable talking with her and this has been the best student conversation yet. I felt she had true interest in learning about me as I did with her.



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