Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

An ACP is similar to a snapchat because it shows a little bit of the sender’s life to the receiver.

An ACP is different from a snapchat in that an ACP takes more effort, the contents within last longer than ten seconds, and it feels more special for the viewer because the same thing can’t be sent to multiple people and it takes more effort to go out and mail something versus taking a quick photo. You can also interact with the objects.

The value of ephemera is based on individual basis of value. Ephemera of different types can be of value to different people. There is no yes or no answer to whether or not Ephemera is valuable. It depends on what it is and who you ask.

The only difference between well known art and an ACP is that one is more intimate. You can touch and feel and be with an ACP. You can’t interact with famous art pieces. In any other way, these two forms are children of the same parent, art.

Faster is better because you can access more people and get important messages and moments in life to more people when they happen. On the other hand, slower is better because it builds up anticipation for the receiver and makes it more fun and satisfying to get upon arrival. The time and effort does make a difference, it put more value into the ACP than the snapchat.

An ACP has more “love” than a snapchat. An ACP requires planning and time to create and gather it’s contents. An ACP takes days or weeks to get together, showing the dedication and care you have for the package and the person it’s going to. I feel these things make the love aspect a lot stronger in an ACP than a second snapchat.



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