Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies
Media: paper, printing inks, screens, chemicals, transparencies, litho stone, linolium, etc.
Gallery: ???
Website: no website
Instagram: no instagram

About the Artist:
Nancy Young is graduating from CSULB with a Printmaking BFA this term. She attended CSULB in the past, but at the time was undergoing issues with drug abuse and bipolar disorder and was put on academic probation for how those things affected her GPA. It took her a while to come back here and she is grateful for the opportunity to do so. When she did, she enrolled in Roxanne Sexauer’s “History of Prints” course. From there, she spawned an interest in printmaking and entered a beginning printmaking class where she participated in a smattering of printmaking processes. From there she was hooked and was determined to take all of the printmaking classes she could.

Even so, she has been provided with a challenge her entire time earning this degree. She has been working full time as well as going to school to earn this degree. On top of that, she decided against using old work (with the exception of one piece) for her show. Young balanced a full-time job as a programmer in Santa Ana and creating an entire show of work during this entire semester. Although she loves working artistically, she doesn’t plan to make a living off of her art because she plans on keeping her current job. Even so, she will continue to buy, make, and exhibit art from here on out. She enjoys putting herself out there and trying to do more than she has in the past with most everything she does.

Content Analysis:
Young’s work is inspired by her life’s experiences and personal issues. Her husband died nine years ago and that is reflected in a lot of her work. Much of her work is also inspired by her dogs, but that line of work is not represented in this show. During all of her projects, awareness of the past is brought up within her work. Along with these personal issues, there is a constant physical theme brought up in this show. The titles to the pieces in this show consist of the word “miles.” This is because the title area is representative of CSULB and the pieces are geologically ordered based upon how far away the locations of the source images are from the campus. I find that to be a very interesting way to organize the work.

Formal Analysis:
On a formal level, Young has experimented with all sorts of printmaking techniques during the semester. I have personally seen her work with many different forms of printing such as lithography, etching, and screen printing during this semester and the past ones. She takes a lot of advice from people within the studio and within other studios to improve her working process and the overall outcome of her work.

Young took her own photos as source imagery. She took these photos in many different locations that mean something to her which linked to the geographical order in which the pieces are displayed in the gallery.

My Experience:
I loved this show. I would never have known it was a geographical order in which the pieces were displayed- I think that displays amazing attention to detail. I like how that idea is linked through the sand compass on the ground in the middle of the gallery. I am also impressed by the photography aspect of the project and the dedication to go to many different places for taking source imagery. I definitely got to know a lot more about Nancy Young during this conversation and I feel a bit closer to her now. I had a lot of fun talking to her about the show after everyone was done asking questions. I also find it very interesting that she displayed and taught students about the different processes of printing when she was there for her show. Overall, this was one of the best artist conversations of the semester!


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