Wk 15 – Student Conversation – Katherine Pantoja

Katherine Pantoja is a first-year freshman at CSULB. She is currently undeclared, but is looking to double major is Creative Writing and Sociology. She is taking this class for fun, as she has already completed the GE requirement multiple times over. Her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite dessert is between chocolate cake and flan. Pantoja has two dogs; one is named Lucky and the other is Panda. If she could be any animal, she would ne just that: a dog. She can’t decide between loving books or movies more, but she will always prefer a book over a movie made from a book. Her favorite flower is a Rose and she loves travel and vacationing every summer. Pantoja’s favorite color is purple and if she could have any superpower, it would be having the ability to fly. Flying is a trait of some of the main characters in her favorite TV show,  Supernatural. She also is going to be in my group for the final. Just from that, I can see she has a good sense of judgement! I’m just joking. I enjoyed meeting Katherine and I hope we have a good time together during the final and wish her luck in declaring her majors!

P.S. I forgot to ask her for a photo before I lost her in the busy Thursday artist conversation crowd! My apologies.


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